Useful resources from EDM

Risk identification

This is a super interactive Excel template that allows you to identify the highest risks to the personal data you process. It helps you decide the order in which to carryout DPIAs.

DPIA flow chart

This easy to follow flow chart will help you decide whether you need to carryout a DPIA  on the data processing activity.

Data integrators

Most schools use data integrators to move data seemlessly between systsem. These systems can transfer very sensitive data and thus it is essential that their integrity is checked. Here is a document to help you understand these systems better.

DPIA Guide for School

This document, shared by a member of our group, is a really useful and informative summary of the DPIA process.

Third party security questions

It is essential that third parties that process data on your behalf are asked about their security. These questions will be a very good starting point.

Data impact screening questions

This is a more succinct vesion of the Risk Identification template. It asks all encompassing questions to help you decide if a DPIA is necessary.