DPIA templates

Example DPIA templates for common school systems

Below you will find example DPIAs to help you along your compliance journey. These have been provided, freely, by various organisation and each has its own style although there is a common outcome in each.
It is very important before you download the templates that you understand the reasons and processes for carrying out a DPIA. We have provided advice regarding your responsibilies when carrying out a Data Protection Impact Assessment. Our templates are good starting points but ultimately it is you, the data controller, that must be approve the content and ensure it meets the data processing activities in your school.

DPIA Data integrator
DPIA Online Learning
DPIA Biometrics: fingerprints
DPIA school activities trips
DPIA Open days, events, parent consultations
DPIA Payment systems
DPIA Safeguarding software
DPIA Paper disposal

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